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Investment plans

We have tried to consider all relevant proposals of our clients and are pleased to introduce our excellent investment plans.

You can calculate the total profit using the investment calculator which is located below.

Total profit: $
Total percent: 140%
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1.5% Daily for 5 Days
Deposit at the end 20$ - 299$
2.0% Daily for 10 Days
Deposit at the end 300$ - 999$
2.5% Daily for 15 Days
Deposit at the end 1000$ - 5000$
3.3% Daily for 30 Days
Deposit at the end 2000$ - 10000$
110% after 5 days
Deposit at the end 200$ - 2000$
130% after 10 days
Deposit at the end 1000$ to 10000$
145% after 15 days
Deposit at the end 2000$ to 20000$
235% after 30 days
Deposit at the end 5000$ to 50000$

About us

The Arbclub company is engaged in professional trading on the Cryptocurrency exchanges and Bitcoin Futures market.

Bitcoin trading and its derivatives as well as Altcoins trading, have now a very important segment of our activity. The essence of our business is selecting the most profitable areas of activity. We invite everyone who is interested in the possibility of obtaining passive income from investing free funds in a profitable business to mutually beneficial cooperation.

The legality of the company's activities is confirmed by publicly available legal certificate.
28 Queen Street, London, England, EC4R 1BB
Registration Number: 13738151
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Why choose us

Data security We are using the strongest DDoS protection in the industry with 100% up-time guarantee. Transfer information from and to our website is realized and ciphered by SSL Encryption.
User-friendly interface We provide our clients with a user-friendly interface with clear options and workflow. Any interested individual from any corner of the globe can participate in our investment program.
Stable income Our specialists have developed the optimal investment plans and financial strategies, which provide partners with a stable income from deposits.
Affiliate program 7%

We invite you to take part in our affiliate program, which will make it possible for you to make money promoting our program. As part of our affiliate program, you will get guaranteed reward of 7% of deposits made by people invited by you.

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